Zedenzia Beauty is dedicated to providing products that are vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, and cruelty free. We are passionate about creating products that anyone can use! The ingredients in our products are skin conditioning, softening and overall good for your skin (and lips!) We are proud to bring products that are truly nourishing.

A word from Zedenzia Beauty's Owner and creator:

"Making my products nut-free was a huge priority for me because my oldest son has a severe allergy to nuts. Coconut is a common ingredient in many lip and body products, so I knew I needed to create a lip gloss without this oil. It's important for me to not wear products that contain nuts so that I don't have to worry about exposing him, and triggering an allergic reaction. I know this is an issue for many people, whether they have an allergy themselves or their loved ones have the allergy. I would love for everyone who shops at Zedenzia Beauty to feel confident that what they are putting on is safe for them and their loved ones."